Regulatory Compliance

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Hazmatica is a database driven web application

All you need is an internet connection and chrome browser. Easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to implement.

Marking, Labeling, Placarding

Take the guesswork out of hazmat packaging and feel comfortable making the decisions that your job function requires.

Shipping Papers

No fuss. No hassle. No guessing.  All of the Hazmat or Dangerous Goods related information is inserted to ensure the shipping papers are accurate & compliant.

Minimize Risk & Avoid Costly Shipping Mistakes

The FIrst step to becoming hazmatica certified
is completing our general training course.

With over 200 million Americans playing video games on a daily basis, why should your training program be in any different format?

Program Launchers

System requirements
Windows PC 64-bit
- Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster.
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD equivalent or higher
- 16 GB RAM.


Join for free. Experience 3D Hazmat.
Windows 10 x64


Paid Subscription.
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The program functions in the following manner:

⦁The program prompts the user to enter a UN Identification number, answer a few simple questions, and then renders a fully marked and labeled or placarded 3D bulk or non-bulk packaging model exactly as the shipper will use to package and transport their hazardous materials or dangerous goods. 

⦁The program completes modal specific shipping papers including automatically entering the basic description and other modal required information. Manual entries and corrections can be made prior to printing the shipping paper. The information is automatically saved and can be re-entered on future shipping papers. 

⦁The shipper can use their computer generated 3D packaging model to ensure their actual package to be shipped is the correct type of packaging (including specification marking), does not exceed modal specific volumes or weight and is labeled, marked or placarded compliantly. 

⦁The program cross references RQ and Marine Pollutant lists adding appropriate markings to the package as well as automatically adding the required text to the shipping papers basic description.

The system is designed so that the shipper can never make a compliance error. 

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