Automate Shipping Compliance and Reduce Violations

Hazmatica automates the process of shipping your hazmat materials. Until now, following all the steps to maintain shipping compliance has been a complex and a, needlessly, challenging process. Hazmatica makes it easy and does the work for you!

Complying with shipping regulations is simple and easy.

Select a mode of transport, enter a 4 digit UN number and be taken on a virtual tour of the regulations.

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In addition to digitizing regulations, we also develop and support tools for sea-freight segregation and loading/unloading checklists.  
Interested in digitizing your manual business processes? Get in touch with us. Email or Call us (815) 236-8670

Segregation Tools

If you transport sea-freight containers, then you know Segregation is big business. Let our algorithms work for you! Get in touch to discuss you product list.

Checklist Tools

A simple electronic checklist offers power results. Using our electronic checklist tool can yield many benefits, such as shorter checklist completion times, efficiency, and improved safety.

Increase Employee Engagement and Retention

Greatly enhance the productivity, confidence, & compliance of your Hazmat employees with our competency-based 3D Training.

3D Training Programs

Hazmatica FST

Function-Specific Hazmat Training

Turn your employees into certified masters in: Rail Tank Cars, Cargo Tanks, Portable Tanks, and IBCs.

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3D Training Programs

Hazmatica GT

General Hazmat Training

Our General Training provides the core knowledge needed to perform system operations and meet DOT Regulations.

A Better Way To Manage Recordkeeping

Retain employee training records, view and print certifications, and examine re-test dates in the browser.


Learning Records Store

Want to see the measurable impact of your learning initiatives on the performance of your Hazmat employees?

Virtual Reality Makes Maintaining Proficiency Easier

From script to screen, Hazmatica has the knowledge and skill to translate any procedure into an immersive experience.

What you SEE is what you DO.

Our virtual reality application for bulk hazmat shippers provides an immersive experience complete with audio guide. Includes manway securement for: Rail Tank Cars, Cargo Tanks, Potable Tanks, and Intermediate Bulk Containers.

Interested in transforming your manual processes and procedures into virtual reality? Get in touch with us! Email or Call us (815) 236-8670

Why Hazmatica Software?


Non-compliance is usually twice the cost of compliance. Why risk civil penalties, lost production, shipping delays, revenue loss, etc? Hazmatica fits any size business and budget.


Using modern web technology and Unreal Engine, we offer the most straightforward and accessible software for the Hazmat Regulatory Industry.


All our products include email support built into the price. Since many requests require us to investigate your config file, this is the quickest and easiest way to support our customers.


Hazmatica is a serverless application deployed and published through Amazon Web Services. We look forward to listening to how Hazmatica can be customized to meet your business needs.

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