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System Requirements

Hazmatica is browser-based so it works on any HTML5 web browser.

Welcome to Hazmatica!

You'll be up and running with Hazmatica in a just a few short minutes. Ready? Let's go!

Create an Account

To sign up, simply enter a username, password, email, and phone number. Then, click the Submit button.

Confirm Account

A verification code is emailed to the email address that was used in the previous step. Enter the code in the form field on the Hazmatica site and click Submit.

Account Creation

Sit back and relax for a minute as Hazmatica gets your account setup. In just a few moments, you'll be signed in.

Select Transport Mode

The first step is selecting the transport mode. This ensures the proper regulatory data set is searched. Switch modes by clicking on the icons.

UN Identification Number

You can find the UN Identification Number, Packing Group (if applicable), Proper Shipping Name and any technical names of the product in Section 14: Transportation Information of the materials Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Select Material

Select the best matching row and click Begin. View your SDS to ensure the Packing Group (PG), if applicable, matches the material being transported.
*Reference Section 14: Transportation Information.

Technical Names

Many entries require a technical name. To alleviate the pain of cross referencing the names manually, Hazmatica is programmed to do it for you in a fraction of the time a human could.
*Reference Section 14: Transportation Information.

Autofill search assist

Add technical name(s)

Acknowledge alerts

Select Packaging

The next step is to determine the packaging. This is based on the amount of product being shipped and the desired mode of transportation.

Validate Technical Name

Earlier, we might have entered a technical name. These names can change the marking, labeling, and wording on shipping papers. To avoid these mistakes, Hazmatica updates the packaging and paperwork for you.

Validate RQ

In addition to Reportable Quantities, Hazmatica also ensures Marine Pollutants & Environmentally Hazardous Substances are validated.

Available Pkg Types

It's time to narrow down our packaging choices. The available choices vary based on the amount of product being shipped. For this example, we're shipping a small box. So this screen is where we select between single or combination packaging.

Select a Package

Thumbnails provide a glimpse of the outer packaging. The available and appropriate packaging is ready for selection.

3D Rendering

The screen you have been waiting for. This is also the screen where most of your time will be spent. To interact with the model just click and move. Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

3D Screen GUI

Let the tour begin! Everything you need to ensure the packaging and paperwork are accurate and complete is provided including Overpacks, Placading Vehicles, and Print Labeling.

Save Package

Copy the shipping string into your shipping paper program or use ours.

Completed Pkgs

Every package that you create can be saved and viewed at any time.

Create Shipping Papers

Choose an existing shipping description or create one and then Hazmatica will select the appropriate paperwork template for you.