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Why does your business need Hazmatica?

Complying with HAZMAT regulations is expensive, but when it comes to dollars and cents, it is significantly more economical for an organization to comply with all requirements, than to delay the inevitable. Hazmatica has developed a proprietary suite of 3D software tools, that ensures shipping compliance & increases productivity.


Non-compliance is usually twice the cost of compliance. Why risk civil penalties, lost production, shipping delays, revenue loss, etc? Hazmatica fits any size business and budget.


Using modern web technology and Unreal Engine, we offer the most straightforward and accessible software for the Hazmat Regulatory Industry.


All our products include email support built into the price. Since many requests require us to investigate your config file, this is the quickest and easiest way to support our customers.


All our software can be custom tailored to meet any business demand. Our creative team can help transform your static, 2D data, into highly dynamic, 3D content.

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Avoid hazardous materials shipping mistakes and ensure shipping compliance by air, ground, sea, and rail.

Regulatory Software

Hazmatica uses a proprietary suite of tools, to analyze digital regulatory and operational data. This improves safety and efficiency for operators.

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Training Software

Our training and certification programs are engaging, have measurable statistics, and are offered on compatible PC and Android devices.

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Program Launchers

System requirements
Windows PC 64-bit
- Quad-core Intel, 2.5 GHz or faster.
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940 or higher.
- 8 GB RAM or higher.

Hazmatica FST

Function-Specific Training
Download Windows 10 x64

Hazmatica GT

General Training
Download Windows 10 x64

Our Team

We utilize a worldly talent group to make just about anything possible.


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Email: peter@hazmatica.com
Phone: (815) 236-8670

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hazmatica
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hazmatica
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